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Guest Blogger: Anthony Varesio (April 27, 2010)

April 27, 2010 0 comments

This week’s guest blogger is Anthony Varesio. Anthony and his family have been a part of NewLife for a little less than a year, and Anthony was recently baptized. Anthony will be contributing to the NewLife blog once a month with his, as he puts it, “unfiltered and in-progress diary of the personal challenges and revelations that come with my pursuit of becoming a better person and living ‘The Way’.”

The Imperfekt Chronicles
By Anthony Varesio

Romans 12:9-10 (NLT) - “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other.”

I have a “bad” case of “Christianitis”. The fire under my tail has been lit and the dissection of my every habit, motive, intention, and action is now subject to the self-installed microscope. It can be downright annoying. It was so much easier just being self-centered and letting my often misguided and “four-year-old I-want it now-stomping-on-the-ground-holding-my-breath-til-I’m-red-in-the-face” emotions steer this train wreck! Do you know how hard it is not to spit out some random and snide remark at someone for not saying “thank you” when you just held open the door for them at the coffee shop? Or, how about not hitting the car horn when the car in front of you took at least three seconds to go at a newly turned green light? Annoying, just annoying.

Over the past year I’ve been experiencing these “Whispers from God”. I liken them to Miracle- Grow for the conscience; they fertilize my conscience for better growth. Then somehow the whispers seem to bring in their well armed reinforcements using related messages that are delivered through the Sunday sermons, or a television show, sometimes it’s one of those little daily devotionals on a calendar; even a comment from a six year old overheard while speaking to his Mom! (I could have sworn the six year old even looked up at me, pointed, and winked)

Anyway……..These whispers do a great job of lassoing in my usual wandering and flighty thought process and provide a focus on things I should be paying attention to, or should I say “praying attention” to, like “playing nice with others”. I started to really be aware of my internal attitudes and behaviors. I thought about how many times I was slow to leave a stop light because I was in my eighth month of trying to figure out my new car stereo. (You can’t drag your kids everywhere with you so they can manage your technology) Or, how many times someone did something courteous for me, probably even more significant than holding open a door, and my cranky mood pretty much prohibited me from even offering a half cocked, borderline sneer of a smile in appreciation. I’m sure more than I would even admit.

Here’s a new bumper sticker for me: “GRACE…. PAY IT FORWARD”. God has certainly shown me grace on one or 7,021,630 situations. Yup. Love those whispers! Being nicer isn’t just God’s hope for all us; it also lets me off the hook! No more carrying those cumbersome, day-wrecking, mood changing, bags of resentments! They are back AND spirit breakers. I like being nicer and more forgiving, so far. ; )

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